Hi, I’m Christa

An equine bodywork specialist with a focus on conditioning and rehabilitation of sport horses.

Throughout the decades I've spent with riding and grooming, I've acquired a passion for training and conditioning of sport horses. In order for a horse to perform at their top level, they need consistent and correct training, proper nutrition, enough time to recover, as well as receive preventative care. 

I create comprehensive training and conditioning programs for sport and performance horses, so you and your horse can receive the results you want and reach your goals at shows and at home.

In 2006, I started my studies at the Equine College of Ypäjä in Finland, after which I worked and trained horses for some of the top riders in Europe. This allowed me to learn about what it takes for a horse to perform at their best level, how much care and attention are needed, and how little things can have a big impact.

In addition to my education at Ypäjä, I also studied equine massage at Brandenburg Massage Therapy, and am listed on the IAAMB. 

After years of specializing in training of young dressage and showjumping horses, training riders around Europe and the United States, and diving into the conditioning and preventative care of sport horses, I can help you and your horse to achieve your goals at shows and at home.